Pairing Your Favorite Dress With Cowboy Boots this Spring

Pairing Your Favorite Dress With Cowboy Boots this Spring

Spring is in the air, and while the temperatures might not be exactly where you'd like them to be on a daily basis, and some of us might be a bit hesitant to put away our snowshoes, chances are we are near ready to shift into our lighter styles so we can be in alignment with the changes that this time of year brings. 

One of the best fashion statements you can make as you transition from winter toward spring is to layer some of your wardrobe pieces.  A cropped denim jacket with a feminine floral dress is one style that can work well, whether we are shopping a local swap meet or heading out for a nice walk in the park. 

When it comes to which shoes to wear with your spring wardrobe, there are always lots of choices.  The perfect pairing with your feminine dress might be a great pair of boots; in particular, cowboy boots can add a whole new dimension to spring dresses. 

Wearing cowboy boots with feminine attire is not necessarily a new trend, but it's a style that has remained steadfast throughout the years.  Many look to classic beauties when they want to get ideas of just 'what to wear' and if you do a quick search you'll find countless images of movie stars donning their cowboy boots.  Marilyn Monroe, for example, wore a great pair on the set of The Misfits back in 1961, and those boots she wore would still be a great choice today. 

When you're looking to pair your pretty dress with a pair of boots, keep in mind that simple usually works best.  If you have a floral print on the dress, maybe stick with solid boots.  Mix and match, have fun, and enjoy the season! 

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