Fashion Advice for Holiday Guests

Fashion Advice for Holiday Guests

A few years ago I was invited to a friend's home during Passover.  I am not Jewish and do not celebrate this holiday, and I confess that I have lots to learn when it comes to understanding various cultures and holidays that are celebrated throughout the world.  I do, however, have several friends who are Jewish, many of whom grew up in Brooklyn where according to Ellen Freudenheim, a self-professed Brooklyn expert, "there are all kinds (of Seders)" and it is important to know the tips to "enjoy and survive a Seder." 

Freudenheim writes all about Brooklyn, and on February 15th she shared some great fashion tips for what to wear during Passover, and in particular the Seder.  The holiday is a celebration she says of "fundamental human aspiration, freedom," and is a time to be happy.   Therefore, it's okay to dress up. According to Ellen, the dress code should include your "spring finest" but that does not necessarily mean you should be over the top. 

There are often lots of fun, light spring fashions that would look nicely paired with a pair of ballerina flats.  Take a look through your closet and see if you can mix and match some of your favorite pieces with a pretty new purse, fun accessories or a fun pair of ballerina flats. These work well for other spring holidays, as well.

Most of all, remember to be yourself.  If a friend invited you to enjoy a special occasion then remember you're being invited for a reason, and it's probably because your friendship is appreciated and valued.  If you want, just give a call to your host and let him/her know you would like to dress appropriately and just ask, what to wear.  Oh and do not forget that when it comes to attire, a smile is always in style!!






Eli Kbariti

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