Xertia Men's Waffle Knit Slipper With Contrast Jersey Lining And Memory Foam Insoles Easy Slip-On Shoes

These men's waffle knit slippers will make you feel comfortable and stylish, and are perfect for lounging both indoors and outdoors. Made of high-quality material that will keep you comfy while you lounge in style. Designed to ensure that each step will offer a rich look, and feel.
  • PERFECT WAFFLE KNIT SLIPPER FOR MEN- This waffle knit slippers for men with a contrast jersey lining ensure that each step has a rich appearance and feel, adding a touch of style to casual outfits, whether you're relaxing at home or going about your day outside.
  • EASY SLIP-ON STYLE – These men’s waffle knit slippers have an easy slip-on style that makes them very easy to put on and take off. Made of high-quality materials that will keep you comfortable while you lounge in style.
  • SOFT AND COMFY SLIPPERS FOR MEN- These men's slippers with contrast jersey lining are designed to adjust to the curves of your feet and create a wear pattern over time, ensuring that each pair easily fits and becomes more comfortable with each use.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT WAFFLE KNIT SLIPPER- These men's waffle knit slippers are specially designed with a contrast jersey lining and a comfortable thick pile inside to provide you with an almost barefoot feel while keeping your feet perfectly cozy.
  • AVAILABLE IN COLORS – Navy and Black.