TRAKK Wheel for Back Pain Stretching Strengthening of Core Muscles Relieves Strain to Muscles

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TRAKK Yoga/Fitness Wheel, Back-Roller for Muscle Relaxation, Stretching Back for Pain Relief, Back Pain, Massages, Cracking and Popping, Multifunctional Yoga Wheel

  • Improve Your Flexibility and Reduce Pain - The TRAKK Yoga Wheel has been designed to help you improve your flexibility, and help you stretch your hips, abdomen, chest and back. It will massage your spine in a safe yet deep way. Place it between your shoulder blades and roll out to relieve tension and open up your back. Not only does the yoga wheel open your back, it also enhances your flexibility.

  • Sturdy & Built to Last - The TRAKK Yoga Wheel has a durable skid-resistant Eco Friendly TPE padding (3/4” thick) providing soft and comfortable sensation to your palms, shoulders, feet and back. The strong ABS inner core is extremely strong and will support up to 500 lbs., Doesn't flex or bend under any circumstances.

  • 10 Inch Size - Medium pressure massage. Great for stretching for your back and hips. Ideal for transitioning from the 12” to the 6” mini yoga wheel.

  • Eco Friendly, Moisture Proof & Bacteria Free - The TPE padding has moisture resistant technology which makes the mat water-proof to keep it moisture and germs free! So you can be sure that your Yoga Wheel will be free of musky scents.