TRAKK Pilates Bar Kit with Resistance Band for Portable Home Gym Workout, 3-Section Yoga Pilates Stick Muscle Exercise Equipment Toning Bar

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The TRAKK Pilates bar kit with resistance bands and elastic Pilates exercise stick for a full-body workout. The yoga Pilates stick can exercise the whole body, incredibly beautifying the leg and abdomen curves. In addition, the portable Pilates bar kit is small and easy to store. Suitable for home, gym, etc.

  • A metal tube is sturdy and durable, the thick foam is comfortable and soft, the tension rope is highly elastic and robust, and the foot ring is made of sweat-absorbent material.

  • The Pilates pole kit includes a figure-eight tension band, two sections of Pilates pole, and an elastic tension rope, which is very space-saving and easy to carry.

  • Resistance bands can be used to perform many different types of exercise (upper and lower body), exercise muscles, arms, abdomen, legs, and glutes, and also exercise the heart.

  • The fitness stick is detachable and easy to carry; it can be used at home, office, gym, or outdoors.

  • The Pilates bar kit is great to build and tone up your muscles and elevate their flexibility.