TRAKK Peanut 3-Speed Electric Rechargeable Vibrating Peanut Ball

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TRAKK PEANUT BALL Power Peanut is the perfect cross between a lacrosse ball and a vibrating foam roller. Featuring three high intensity vibration settings with a powerful motor and rechargeable battery. It’s your portable companion for muscle knots, tension, and aches - for a deep or soft tissue massage wherever you may need it. Release trigger points and feel relief from your myofascial pain, or use after your workout for an enhanced recovery.


  • THREE High Intensity Vibrations to choose from - Level 1 : 2,200rpm Level 2 : 3,300rpm up to Level 3 : 4,000rpm.

  • BEST RECOVERY MASSAGE BALL for your work outs, playing sports, doing any sort of indoor or outdoor activities. Peanut shaped is perfectly designed for your body to stimulate deeper than anything you have tried.

  • RISK FREE ONE YEAR WARRANTY from the date you have purchased TRAKK Peanut Ball. We are proud to tell you the defect rate is below 1% and even if there is one, we are 100% guaranteed for a full refund or a replacement.

  • COMPACT SIZE of 7inch x 3.5inch - Super PORTABLE to anywhere from home, office, gym, you name it!