TRAKK Electric-cupping Therapy Machine


Deep suction cupping machine with different modes of suction. This electric device is also a heating machine which is suitable for people who prefers deep suctioning.

  • Cupping Deeper & Recover Faster- The electric cupping therapy machine is designed for people who like strong suction. Cupping massager has 6 adjustable suction modes. Cupping helps relieve muscle soreness and tension and speed up recovery after exercise.

  • Heating Cupping Therapy Massage - The electric cupping and heating machine has 6 adjustable heating modes, safer than fire cupping. Heating and massage at the same time of electronic cupping machine can promote blood circulation.

  • Skin Congestion Helps Break Down Scar Tissue - After cupping, it may leave traces similar to "bruises" on the skin. This is due to skin congestion, which usually disappears gradually after 3-4 days.

  • More Efficient Portable Massager - Compared with the traditional cupping set, the electric cupping massager has strong suction power, cupping is faster, and there is no need to sleep in waiting like traditional cupping.