TRAKK Cupping Therapy Set- Silicone- Deep Tissue Therapy- 4 Pack


Silicon cups for suctioning in cupping therapy. They can be easily applied at home with comfortable grip. Make your cupping experience smooth at home with our easy to apply cupping set.

  • Cupping therapy set – patented silicone cups for medium suction strength cupping and myofascial decompression. Comfort grip with soft lip and easy application by anyone regardless of experience or body type.

  • Premium silicone massage cups plunger or ‘joy stick’ design easily creates suction for self-application at home on hard-to-reach places. Use for upper and lower back pain, hips, and buttocks.

  • Best cupping set or kit for beginner, intermediate and advanced cupper. Includes How-To-Guide and cupping videos for static and dynamic cupping techniques. WATCH our HOW TO USE video.

  • Suction cups set of 4 Extra Large cups: transform your recovery, mobility and performance. Cupping promotes healthy blood flow to quickly and effectively stimulate natural healing process. Massager cup dimension 3.25 Inch Wide by 2.5 Inch Tall.

  • Designed by Mixed Martial Arts athlete octagon massage cups for cupping provide instant pain relief treatment for your back, shoulders, knee, hip, thigh muscles and joints and leave fun octagon shaped marks.