Tahari Women's Straw Visor Hat with Eyelet and Chiffon Ribbon Trim and Back Bow


An elegant and fashionable way to protect yourself from the sun is with the Tahari Women's Straw Visor. It gives an air of refinement to any outdoor ensemble with its delicate eyelet and chiffon ribbon trim. This visor, which has a cute back bow, perfectly blends style and utility for a classy appearance when worn in the sun.

  • Sun Protection - This visor's wide brim offers good coverage, reducing the chance of skin damage and helping to prevent sunburn.

  • Elegant Design - The visor is given a feminine and elegant touch by the back bow and the eyelet and chiffon ribbon trim.

  • Versatility - This visor can match your outfit and shield you from the sun whether you're running errands on a sunny day, heading to the beach, or attending a garden party.

  • Durable Construction - Investing in a high-quality visor guarantees that it will serve you well for many more bright days to come.

  • Option for Gift - This visor might make a wonderful present for a friend or relative who appreciates fashion accessories or outdoor activities.