Tahari Women's Marled Straw Visor Hat with Fabric Band


The chic and useful Tahari Women's Marled Straw Visor with Fabric Band is a great addition for sunny days. This visor shields you from the sun while keeping you cool and comfortable because it is made from marled straw. Days at the beach or informal get-togethers are ideal because of the sophisticated touch brought by the fabric band.

  • Elegant Design - The visor looks stylish and current thanks to the marled straw material. With the additional touch of elegance provided by the fabric band, this accessory is adaptable and goes well with a variety of outfits.

  • Packability - Visors can be easily packed for travel or carried in a bag when you're on the go because they are usually foldable and lightweight. It is therefore convenient to have them on hand for impromptu outings or for vacations and outdoor adventures.

  • Sun Protection - By shading your face, visors help shield your skin from damaging UV rays. Your face, scalp, and eyes are protected from sunburn and potential damage by the visor's brim.

  • Protection for Hairstyles - A visor provides an alternative to a traditional hat if you've styled your hair and don't want it to become flat from the shade. It shades your face while leaving most of your hair untouched.

  • Gift Option - Choose a Tahari Women's Marled Straw Visor with Fabric Band as a thoughtful and useful gift option if you're looking to give something to a friend or family member who likes the great outdoors or stylish clothing.