Tahari Women's Marled Straw Scooper with Straw Band and Braid Brim

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A fashionable and adaptable hat for sunny days is the Tahari Women's Marled Straw Scooper. It has a distinctive, textured appearance due to its marled straw construction. The stylish braided brim and straw band adorn the hat, lending even more refinement to its design. ideal for protecting against the sun's rays and spicing up any ensemble.

  • Style and Fashion -The trendy marled straw material used in its design gives it a distinctive and up-to-date appearance.

  • Sun Protection - The hat's wide brim blocks out harmful UV rays from your face and neck, offering excellent sun protection.

  • Durability - Straw hats are noted for their resilience, and with the right maintenance, they can withstand several seasons of use.

  • Travel-Friendly - Its flexible design makes it simple to pack and store, making it a useful travel companion.

  • Elevate Your Look - Adding a sophisticated and charming hat like the Tahari Marled Straw Scooper to your outfit instantly elevates the whole ensemble.