Tahari Women's Lightweight Kimono with Crochet Fringe Trim


The Tahari Women's Lightweight Kimono with Crochet Fringe Trim is a stylish and versatile layering piece suitable for any occasion. Its airy fabric and intricate crochet fringe detailing add a touch of bohemian chic to any look. This kimono is ideal for layering over dresses or pairing with jeans, and it instantly elevates your look with its trendy yet timeless appeal.

  • Chic Design - The Tahari Women's Lightweight Kimono is a stylish design with a crochet fringe trim that gives your ensemble a modern and elegant touch.

  • Comfortable Fit - Made of lightweight cotton, it has a breathable, comfortable fit that is ideal for wearing outside or layering over other garments.

  • Easy Maintenance - This machine-washable kimono is easy to maintain and is suitable for daily wear.

  • Enhances Outfits - This kimono adds a bit of refinement to any outfit, whether it's worn with jeans and a tank top for a more laid-back vibe or over a dress for a more formal look.

  • Trend-Setting - This Tahari kimono embraces the latest fashions, enabling you to update your wardrobe with a classic piece while maintaining your sense of style.