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Get ready for warm weather active fun Trendilize's line of rubberized foam clogs are a carefree companion to outdoor activity, whether the beach, a gentle hiking trail, the pool, or wherever you care to adventure. A contoured foot bed and springy soles support and cradle you in protective comfort. The generous ventilating top holes will let your feet breathe during warm-weather, while the wide sole provides confident non-slip grip. Made with active people in mind Clogs are the perfect in-a-hurry shoe, they're so easy to simply step into and go. They make a perfect gardening shoe, or at least the perfect clog to wear to the farmer's market. These puppies are ridiculously easy to care for and so tough they may be the only shoes you'll want to wear all spring and summer!

  • HEAD TO THE BEACH! It's hot out and you want to go where water is. Protect your feet from hot sand, concrete or river rocks, and plunge right on in with these rubbery waterproof clogs
  • PERFECT FOR GARDENING: Who cares if these get muddy or splashed on. They'll wipe right down or hose off. The deep tread in the sole assures a firm grip on wet grass or in dirt
  • CHEERFUL, POPPING, PRACTICAL: A range of bright hues cheers up a gloomy day or any room, as well as coordinating with your outfit if you want. The light weight will let you wear them all day even in hot weather without dragging
  • COMFORT IS A GIVEN : Springy rugged soles, contoured footbeds, ventilated uppers for hot weather, and a strap that can be flipped up for regular clog convenience, or swung down to keep your feet firmly snugged in, add up to carefree, fuss-free footwear
  • READY FOR ANYTHING OUTDOORS: In addition to all-day wearing comfort, these clogs are tough. They're almost as light as thongs but have the advantage of protecting your toes. The substantial rubberized foam will shrug off weather, scuffs, dirt, sand and take you cheerfully to wherever you adventure