Sara Z Ladies Nubuck Boots with Sweater Collar (See More Colors & Sizes)

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Campus style blends with sophistication in these lace-up ankle-high boots. Jazzy contrasting sweater cuffs and soles are set off against velvety nubuck. The tongue sports the same sweater-knit as the cuff to peek out from behind the laces. Slip your feet into the smooth, soothing lining and lace up for your exact fit and comfort. The lugged weather-resistant sole will let you ramble in any weather.

  • The sweater knit on the cuffs of these ankle-high ramblers pops against velvety nubuck
  • Matching sweater trim on tongue peeks out between laces
  • Inside is a smooth, soothing lining to slip your feet into
  • Weather-resistant soles for all-weather fun
  • Lace-up front for infinite adjustability to your exact, comfortable fit