Marilyn Monroe Women Bubble Knit Oblong Scarf With Faux Fur Pom Pom

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You're not just ready for fall and winter - you're eager to greet the weather just to be able to wear this sweet, fashionable and warm scarf with its cuddly pompom tassels. Wrap yourself in stylish comfort with lightweight, non-itchy yarn in various knits. It's hypo-allergenic and easy to care for. Accent any work or casual outfit. Use as a muffler, wrap a fold onto your head for cold weather outing and bounce on out.
  • FIT FOR ANY OCCASION: Coiled or looped, loose or not, this knit scarf will find a way to complement any outfit
  • SOFT AND STURDY: Made of gentle synthetics, these are hypoallergenic, won't itch and keep their shape
  • READY FOR WEATHER: Wrap yourself in warmth and shrug off any chill in style
  • WRAP IN STYLE: Coil it like a cowl, clasp it gently, let it drape loose, you've got plenty of styles to experiment with
  • EASY GENTLE CARE: Easy to slip on, easy to wear, easy to care for. Pop into your washer on gentle cycle.