GG Gourmet Himalayan White Salt Glass Jar w/ Cork Lid | Coarse Grain, 100% Natural | Refillable Container | Ideal for Food Seasoning, Flavoring, Grilling, Cooking, and Baking | 18.9 Ounces

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TURN A SIMPLE DISH INTO AN INSTANT CROWD-PLEASER IN A PINCH! Gourmet food at home Serve delightful dishes that make for more enjoyable mealtimes with the GG Gourmet Himalayan Salt! It’s made from 100% natural, unprocessed salt sourced from the Himalayas to give that authentic, all-natural flavor that's sure to tickle your taste buds! Free of preservatives and chemical additives, our Himalayan Salt has natural minerals and trace elements that enrich your food to let you enjoy healthier, more nutritious food. More than just a pantry staple Our premium Himalayan salt is available in different grains to let you solve your culinary needs. Be it for baking, grilling, roasting, or seasoning, the chunks can be ground using a shaker, grinder, or blender to get your desired texture. Add it to your tub to indulge in an invigorating salt bath that helps soothe aches. Mix with your favorite soap for an exfoliating scrub that nourishes and softens your skin. Perfect gift for chefs and cooks There's no better treat for the foodies, professional chefs, and home cooks in your life than our Himalayan Salt Jar! Wrap it up as a gift for birthdays, holidays, restaurant openings, housewarmings, and other special occasions. Because every day's worth celebrating, bring out GG Gourmet’s Himalayan Salt and whip up scrumptious dishes to share with your loved ones. Rub, sprinkle, garnish—cook delightful meals and experience fancy dining at home!
  • 100% PURE HIMALAYAN SALT: The better alternative to table salt, GG Gourmet White Salt is made from 100% natural, unrefined Himalayan salt. It adds a kick of flavor to any dish with less sodium content
  • RICH IN MINERALS: It contains natural minerals and elements that add nutrition to your food. The coarse, granulated flakes add crunch and a distinct texture to food when used as a finishing salt.
  • ALL-AROUND SEASONING: Perfect for meat or vegetables, our gourmet salt brings out the best in any food! Use it when grilling seafood or steak, cooking casseroles, and even when serving fresh salad.
  • HANDY GLASS JAR: Housed in a sturdy glass jar, our Himalayan Salt makes spicing up any meal a breeze! Its fitted cork cap seals in freshness and allows you to dispense and sprinkle the perfect amount.
  • VERSATILE KITCHEN STAPLE: Create a unique spice blend by adding our Himalayan Salt. You can also use this multipurpose household essential to make a DIY exfoliating scrub for a luxurious shower or bath!