EVERLAST Accuroll 5-Speed Rechargeable Electric Foam Roller Muscle Recovery Post Workout Pain Relief

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Warm Up, Work Out, Recover, Repeat. Don’t skip the gym because of stiff, sore, and painful muscles. Instead, minimize the pain with Everlast ACU-ROLL-- the powerful vibrating foam roll for powerful athletes. Rolling out muscles, coupled with knock-out vibrations, improves mobility and flexibility while helping break up crippling muscle tension.


  • TARGETED MUSCLES: Foam roller targets your glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, lower back, and upper back, and assists with IT band stretching.

  • MASSAGER APPLICATIONS: Ideal for warm-ups, cool-downs, stretching, and physical therapy.

  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Durably constructed from high-density textured foam for ideal durability and vibration transfer.

  • SPEED AND INTENSITY: Features 5 different speed settings and 1 frequency conversion so you can choose the intensity needed.