Chatties Girls Vegan Flip Flops with Rhinestone - New Spring/Summer Styles

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Be a walking stunner as you slip on a pair of Chatties PCU Flexible Girls Flip Flops With Three Rhinestone Accents. These flexible flip-flops are made using synthetic rubber to provide you easy use for years to come. With luxuriously soft flexible sole, each sandal provides matchless comfort to the wearer. It is embellished with three clear rhinestones in a very eye-pleasing symmetry on one of its strap. It features a 1-inch thick heel and ?-inch thick platform. Promising non-slip traction with every step, these colorful slip-ons can be a great pick for beaches and lake-side areas!
  • They are made of synthetic rubber
  • They have a 1-inch thick heel and ?-inch thick platform
  • Accented with three rhinestones, these flip-flops make a wonderful addition to your shoe closet
  • They remain flexible and stylish for years to come
  • They offer non-slip traction and are widely chosen to wear on wet and damp surfaces.